Night Prayer

A strange man with a video camera wanders the streets at night in this voyeuristic video for London-based Deep House producer Rashid Ajami.

Night Prayer picked up WINNER at The Toronto International Film and Video Awards Inc. (TIFVA). “Night Prayer” is from Ajami’s first EP for Noir Music, released September 25, 2015. We wanted the video to provoke and fuel debate, questioning what is deemed acceptable in terms of filming people without their consent. Is it ok if we share it online?

Client: Rising Digital
Format: Music Promo
Collaboration: Rabbit Hole
Release Year: 2015

“Go out tonight for no special reason…”



Director & Cinematographer
Adam Lyons

Francesca Hotchin
Tim Dee

Editor & Colourist
William Lyons

Key Grip
Leigh Glynn-Finnegan

Lead Actor
Dean Smith