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Storytellers. Visual Engineers. Curious Minds.

Whether it be an ident or a full campaign, our aim is not to just allow people to think and feel differently through our communications, but to actually have them take action. We enjoy talking to people passionate about why they are doing what they do. The more people we work with only strengthens our belief that everyone has a story that is worth telling.

Our understanding of multiple creative disciplines and our specialism in Branding, Film, Motion and Design allows us to develop creative ideas that work across all media channels. Developing our creative ideas in this way allows us to identify the most effective ways to communicate a unique and appropriate message.

By not limiting possibilities with a predetermined outcome, authenticity is achieved.

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Work hard & be nice to people

We’re all going somewhere. Whether it’s the podcast blaring from your headphones as you walk down the street or the essay that encourages you to take on that big project, there’s a real joy in getting lost in the kind of story that feels like a destination unto itself.

We offer a full service that takes your project from concept to creation. Our approach focuses on the creative potential of every detail, finding inspiration at ground level, and understanding the challenges at the heart of each brief.

Selected Projects


They believe great radio content comes from the power that sound has to move people. We reflected this with each scenario’s sound becoming an instrument which builds into a rich textured soundtrack for the visuals. This film celebrates the medium of radio, ‘the power of sound’ and is dedicated to all those believers who work their magic to make great radio.

Client: ReelWorld International
Format: Commercial
Release Year: 2017
Platform: Online / Live Event
Website: ReelWorld


Anonymous Recordings is the alter ego for a global network of high-profile artists / writers / producers embracing the freedom to create without identity. The film infuses a rebellious attitude with the image of a commercial grade production music label to appeal to people who respect passion, not profile.

Client: The Firm
Format: Online / Social
Delivery: Brand Film

Caleb Folan

A sportsman turned massage therapist wanted a promotional film that didn’t just look good but felt good. Taking cues from Caleb’s personal narrative through interviews and digging deeper into to his story, we used this as a base to craft a film which encompassed him. A script was developed and the visuals were chosen to echo the vibe of Caleb’s intentions and motivations for turning his hands, literally and metaphorically, to massage therapy.

Format: Online Content

Do you want to win?

In October 1988, Howard Wilkinson’s challenge to the club, the players and the city was simple. Do you want to win? And will you back a man who says he will?

Do You Want To Win? is the story of how Leeds United emerged from the shadows of history and reputation, and by 1992 got back not only what it wanted, but what it deserved.

Client: Leeds United FC
Format: Feature length documentary
Release Year: 2018
Platform: Amazon Prime
IMDB: 7.8

Frozen Ground

Filmed in the Norwegian mountains, this is the official music video for ilan Bluestone & Giuseppe De Luca’s ‘Frozen Ground’. The first single to be taken from his forthcoming debut artist album, ‘Frozen Ground’ reunites ilan Bluestone with British singer / songwriter Giuseppe De Luca.

Since joining the label in 2014, ilan has been at the forefront of the evolving trance sound. With an ear for hooky instrumentals, organic chords and dance floor minded productions, the likes of ‘Big Ben’, ‘Spheres’ and ’43’ became euphoric moments in DJ sets for the likes of Above & Beyond and Armin Van Buuren. A prolific touring artist, ilan has headlined the Anjunabeats North American tour in 2016 and 2017 as well as joining Above & Beyond at Madison Square Garden and Sydney’s All Phones Arena. The follow up to ilan and Giuseppe’s breakout hit ‘Bigger Than Love’, ‘Frozen Ground’ was debuted during Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy 200 show in a sold out 13,000 capacity Ziggo Dome. For Giuseppe, inspiration for the song came after he joined ilan on stage at EDC, “there’s something about witnessing a sea of people gathered together to feel something that really helps to warp the borders of reality. I had this Brechtian idea of a specific sound, that when heard, would snap the listener out of their everyday veneer and allow them to connect with who they truly are. On Frozen Ground, I feel that sound, forever.”

Client: Anjuna Beats
Format: Music Promo


creative agencies Rabbit Hole and Blackbox mixed oily magnetic fluids with water to create an abstract representation of primordial life in this music video for UK producer Max Cooper. The video was created using ferrofluids – tiny magnetic particles suspended in liquid – which director Tim Dee and his team at Rabbit Hole, together with Blackbox, added to a small tank of water and manipulated using magnets. “We used two types of ferrofluid,” Dee told Dezeen. “One floated and the other sank creating this alien landscape. Magnets of different strengths were used to push and draw the ferrofluid causing it to connect and disrupt the environment.” Because the oil-based ferrofluid wouldn’t mix with the water in the tank, the force of the magnets caused small droplets to form, replicating how the very first biological cells could have evolved.

“Spheres form of one fluid inside the other” Max Cooper explained. “[These are] basic cell-like structures. All living cells today exhibit this same natural property and it’s possible that the first cells arose through the sorts of processes shown in the video.”

Origins is part of a larger project by Cooper called Emergence, a live audio-visual performance that represents various stages of life, from its early beginnings to human existence today.

Client: Rabbit Hole

Night Prayer

Night Prayer picked up WINNER at The Toronto International Film and Video Awards Inc. (TIFVA). “Night Prayer” is from Ajami’s first EP for Noir Music, released September 25, 2015. We wanted the video to provoke and fuel debate, questioning what is deemed acceptable in terms of filming people without their consent. Is it ok if we share it online?

Client: Rising Digital
Format: Music Promo
Collaboration: Rabbit Hole
Release Year: 2015


Produced to open Jasdeep Degun’s album launch at the Southbank Centre in London for ‘Anomaly’. Rich, cinematic and emotionally charged Indian classical and contemporary music from the award-winning sitarist.

Client: Sky Arts
Format: Music Promo

“By not limiting possibilities with a predetermined outcome, originality authenticity is achieved.”


Top Shorts Film Festival
Winner for Falsified
The Toronto International Film and Video Awards Inc. (TIFVA)
Winner for Night Prayer
LA Shorts Awards
Winner for Falsified
NYC Indie Film Awards
Winner for Falsified
Oniros Film Awards
Winner for Falsified
Nomination for SHOK
The Toronto International Film and Video Awards Inc. (TIFVA)
Winner for Night Prayer

BlackBox . noun

A self contained device or system which can be viewed in terms of its input and output, but whose internal workings need not be known to understand its function and effectiveness.


“If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”
― William Morris