ReelWorld wanted to connect with musicians, composers, producers and lovers of audio through an emotive brand film. The piece shows people experiencing and being inspired by heightened sounds that act as a metaphor for what inspires ReelWorld.

They believe great radio content comes from the power that sound has to move people. We reflected this with each scenario’s sound becoming an instrument which builds into a rich textured soundtrack for the visuals. This film celebrates the medium of radio, ‘the power of sound’ and is dedicated to all those believers who work their magic to make great radio.

Client: ReelWorld International
Format: Commercial
Release Year: 2017
Platform: Online / Live Event
Website: ReelWorld

“We believe in the power of sound.”



Director & Cinematographer
Adam Lyons

Art Director
Francesca Hotchin

US Producers
Stefani Giani @ Cashew Productions
Dave Baca @ MaiTai Productions

Featured Artists
Lonnie Carter
Fiona dolan
Mike Mckee
Jamie Latter
Jennifer Li
Chase Williams
Tom Donoughue
Jamie Lee

Location Manager
Jeff Woods

Editor & Colourist
William Lyons

Sound Mix/Sound Design
Howard Carter