Defining Quality

The film questions what defines quality. We see a set of three traditional craftspeople – watchmaker, carpenter and seamstress – working with the skill and detail required for bespoke manual production. The VO asks ” What defines quality?” going on to question what attributes we seek: that something feels good? looks good? etc. It concludes that quality is “objective, not subjective” as the film continues to contrast manual crafstmanship with Allergan’s precise, automated, mechanical production line, where human factors – ie: variance and room for error – are eliminated. We see an energetic flurry of robotic arms, inspection cameras and conveyor belts manufacturing products with predictable precision. The VO defines quality as predictable, reliable, delivering consistent results. We see a brief product shot then zoom out from the eye to a medium shot of the patient as the VO concludes that “Quality matters. To us. To you. To our patients.”

Caleb Folan

A sportsman turned massage therapist wanted a promotional film that didn’t just look good but felt good. Taking cues from Caleb’s personal narrative through interviews and digging deeper into to his story, we used this as a base to craft a film which encompassed him. A script was developed and the visuals were chosen to echo the vibe of Caleb’s intentions and motivations for turning his hands, literally and metaphorically, to massage therapy.


Produced to open Jasdeep Degun’s album launch at the Southbank Centre in London for ‘Anomaly’. Rich, cinematic and emotionally charged Indian classical and contemporary music from the award-winning sitarist.

Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Not since the infamous 1913 Alpine Trial with the legendary Silver Ghost, has a car embarked on such an epic ordeal. The super-luxury Cullinan will take on a multitude of punishing terrains and altitudes—all in the public eye with Cory Richards of National Geographic. From Scottish highlands, to Arabian deserts. From Austrian mountains, to the epic landscapes of the United States. Cullinan conquers three continents and 12,000 miles of the world’s toughest terrain to showcase its supreme capability – in partnership with National Geographic.

Let the Final Challenge begin.

Thomas Land

The 30 second spot shows our happy family enjoying all the new attractions at Thomas Land. It’s currently being featured across the UK Stations including ITV, Sky, Disney and Cartoon Network throughout the busy holiday period.


The message for the campaign was for students to ‘not waste the memories of a lifetime sorting bills and chasing payments’. By using Glide they can go live their best #SharedLife.


Anonymous Recordings is the alter ego for a global network of high-profile artists / writers / producers embracing the freedom to create without identity. The film infuses a rebellious attitude with the image of a commercial grade production music label to appeal to people who respect passion, not profile.

Do you want to win?

In October 1988, Howard Wilkinson’s challenge to the club, the players and the city was simple. Do you want to win? And will you back a man who says he will?

Do You Want To Win? is the story of how Leeds United emerged from the shadows of history and reputation, and by 1992 got back not only what it wanted, but what it deserved.